Nieuw Nickerie, Suriname - internationale Flughafen-Kennung

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  • ICK — may refer to:*Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, a single celled parasite. Also known as Ich. *Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Ick is also a slang English term for something distasteful.ee also*Ik, the African people …   Wikipedia

  • ICK — est un groupe d indus old school, ayant créé une étiquette pour caractériser sa musique : le Nihil Tronix. Label La Nouvelle Alliance Anciens labels Hau Ruck] Invasion Planete Blade Records Membres Soldat Arnaud Kontroleur Ubu Jericho Klaus… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • -ick — [ik] suffix former sp. of IC [magick] * * * …   Universalium

  • ick — var of ICH * * * (ik) white spot disease (def. 3) …   Medical dictionary

  • -ick — [ik] suffix former sp. of IC [magick] …   English World dictionary

  • ick — [ik] interj. used to express disgust, horror, etc …   English World dictionary

  • ick — bor·ick·ite; col·ick·er; dee·vil·ick; don·ick; don·ick·er; fin·ick; fin·ick·i·ness; fin·ick·ing; fin·ick·ing·ly; fin·ick·ing·ness; ick; ick·er; ick·i·ness; ick·le; jel·ick; lar·ick; lu·der·ick; mav·er·ick·er; pan·ick·i·ness; phys·ick;… …   English syllables

  • ick — [ik] 1. n. any nasty substance. □ What is this ick on my shoe? □ That’s not ick; it’s good clean mud. 2. exclam. Nasty! (Usually Ick!) □ Oh, ick! What now? □ …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • ick — (nd.) Relikt, deshalb ick gesprochen. »Icke Gedicht« Ick sitze da und esse Klopps. Uff eenmal kloppt’s. Ick jeh zur Tür und denk: Nanu? Erst war se uff, jetz isse zu! Ick jehe raus und kieke Und wer steht draußen? Icke! …   Berlinerische Deutsch Wörterbuch

  • Ick — Recorded as Hick, Hicke, patronymics Hickes, Hicks and Hickson, and according to the International Genealogical Index, Ick, Icke, Icom, Icome, diminutives Icken and Ickin, and patronymics Ickes and Icks, this is an English medieval surname.… …   Surnames reference

  • ick — ich (a contagious disease of tropical marine and freshwater fishes, caused by a protozoan (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) and characterized by small white to greyish pustules on the skin and eyes. Also called white spot) …   Dictionary of ichthyology

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